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Creditor Calling After Bankruptcy? – Stopping Discharge Violations

Creditors calling about Debt that was Discharged?

If you have filed for bankruptcy but the creditors just keep calling, you will be glad to know that you don’t have to just sit there and take it. You can contact your attorney and put a stop to these San Diego discharge violations.

What is a Discharge Violation?

stopping discharge violations

For so long, people have thought they were powerless when it came to stopping discharge violations. In fact, you might have not even been aware that violations were taking place. When you go through a bankruptcy, the discharge is typically seen as your finish line. When this occurs, you are considered as being released from being responsible for the debts that the judge has discharged. It also prohibits the creditors of these debts from trying to collect on these debts any further. Essentially, the discharge is supposed to allow you to live in peace without fear of who is going to be calling you or knocking on your door.

There are numerous ways that a bankruptcy may be violated. Some of the most common forms include creditors that keep reporting negative information to the credit bureaus or continue to place phone calls with the intent to threaten or harass you. These creditors hope that you do not know your rights and will send in money to get rid of them when, in realty, they are breaking the law. Not only can they be held in contempt for breaking the order but they may actually have to pay you money to cover your legal fees and damages.

How Can I Stop Discharge Violations?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being harassed by your creditors after your bankruptcy has been discharged, you should contact an attorney right away, even if you handled your bankruptcy yourself. An experienced attorney will handle your case and get the creditors off your back. Aside from putting an end to the calls, letters and damage to your credit report, an attorney will also review the case to determine whether or not your should seek additional damages.


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