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Customer Testimonials – James

G’day Sasha,

Thank you so much for writing to us. Both Dawn and I were pleasantly surprised to hear from you. In that regard, this letter from you is just one more reason we decided to have our case(s) handled with Shanner and Associates in the first place. It is this kind of attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Dawn and I were both living overseas, something many San Diegans can appreciate being this is a Military Town, when the economy fell out in the US in 2009. We felt the pinch of the US Dollar drop so dramatically, I was personally losing 55% of my salary just in the overseas market exchange rate. We were losing financial ground quickly. Then, when my work visa was revoked (because I was an immigrant worker, obviously) we lost our footing completely and had to come back to the United States. Upon our arrival here, the economy was even worse than it was overseas. We drained our savings while looking for work. The situation was desperate, then dire. We had little choice; we could not lose our car or our housing so after much debate we decided bankruptcy was our only option. We had all our original expenses plus 1/4 of the income we were making just 8 months prior. It happened that fast.

We were at a laundr-o-mat one Saturday morning and (I think?) we were flipping through the Reader. There were dozens of ads for attorneys and bankruptcy options. It felt over-whelming and embarrassing at the same time. “How could we be reduced to this” was our repetitive, silent monologue. Truthfully, I do not recall what made me choose Shanner and Assoc.’s to look up online. But, that is what we did and the thing that immediately put me at ease, was that Toby went to my high school here in San Diego, where my father was also an administrator. All of sudden, it felt like I was going to a friend, someone who knew my family name and was from San Diego. It was with great effort, but pride was swallowed and we made an appointment for an initial consultation. From the moment we came in, and from the moment we made the first call, the professionalism in which things were handled was stellar. When a company knows their business, when they have it ‘down to a science’, that confidence echos throughout the establishment. This bankruptcy was a new, embarrassing and difficult situation for us, but we could tell this is what Shanner and Assoc does EVERYDAY. To put it into our terms, we fly routinely, so much so we have multiple frequent flier accounts with multiple airlines. The things that make most people nervous at an airport (security, parking, transfers, delays, lost luggage, etc) we handle with such ease and experience, that anytime a problem arises, we shrug it off and smile like we KNEW it was going to happen. That’s a confidence you can not fully appreciate until you see someone else struggle with the same issues to the point of bringing them to tears. THIS is how it felt at Shanner and Assoc. Your confidence in your own abilities, your pinpoint accurate answers to anything we asked, your patience with novices like ourselves and your deft expertise in paperwork is enough to amaze any logistical military commander. We could not have felt more at home, more relaxed or more trusting if we tried. And this feeling was not just from Toby, but from the entire staff (Tyler, you of course Sasha…and I forget the name of your receptionist, I’m sorry) as it was a trickle-down effect we saw time and again when ever we had to come into the office or make a phone call. This bankruptcy could have devastated our lives, our families and our relationship with each other. Instead, we felt secure in knowing we were not the only ones, but in fact, it was 1000’s of people out there just like us and hundred’s of business’s going through the same financial hardship. The weight and burden of this proceeding was lifted seemingly effortlessly by Shanner and Assoc. We literally started to be able to sleep again.

We can only say thank you so many times before it’s sincerity loses luster. However, we can can never show how truly grateful we are for how well you have put us back on track. We have pinched, saved, sacrificed and forged ahead with great hope to finally see not only light at the end of the tunnel, but blue sky and green grass…and money being restored to our savings account. To celebrate, we went and bought a new sofa this month with cash. THAT was a proud moment. I think if i had to say one thing only about Shanner and Assoc it would be “They don’t just solve financial problems, they restore financial confidence; they restore people’s confidence in themselves.” Thank you again for all your hard work and expertise. You have certainly made a huge and positive difference in our lives.



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