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Customer Testimonials – Laurel

Dear Sasha & Toby,
I can’t find enough words to formally thank you for bailing me out of my horrendous financial mess. For over 40 years I took pride in having excellent credit. With the outrageous increase in interest rates and decrease of hours at work I was forced to live off my credit cards borrowing from one to pay another. I could never get ahead and became immersed in a credit sink hole. After seeking credit counseling I was advised to at least consider bankruptcy as an alternative. A friend recommended your firm very highly and as you know I begrudgingly contacted you not knowing what to expect. I vividly remember you both putting me at ease and helping to remove the guilt I was feeling. For the first time I was able to sleep at night and the stress was eliminated. Although I still have to pay my mortgage, car payment, utilities, insurance and food, I am able to do so and can live without depending on credit cards. Finding you has been a blessing in disguise and I am deeply grateful for getting my life back. I now even qualify for the Home Loan Modification Program. God bless you both for helping so many people the way you do.
Sincerely, M. Madden


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