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Customer Testimonials – Mark

What I received with Shanner & Associates:

  1. Candid conversation about the bankruptcy process, time frames, and expectations.
  2. The consultation to determine the path my case would take.
  3. The fee for their services at the first meeting and the payment options available.
  4. Communication regarding updates of my case was consistent and available by phone, email, or face to face—the choice was mine. I think it is most notable that I NEVER had to leave a voice mail with my¬†point of contact. A client could not have asked for better service.

Shanner & Associates was one of those places where you go and realize they are big enough with years of experience to handle your case with complete professionalism, but yet small enough to really know your case and recognize you as an individual. Obviously they have a business to run and fees to collect for their services, but I always felt like they were overly appreciative of my business. I also had they feeling they were being honest with me at all times—I know that sounds simplistic, but I did not get tht feeling with the other firms I spoke to.

The process went exactly as they had indicated. Time frames were consistent and the proposed outcome was achieved. They made the experience completely painless and were great to work with.


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