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Customer Testimonials – Tiffany

I recently decided to file bankruptcy because I felt there were no other options for me. Before choosing which Law Firm I was going to choose to represent me and assist me with this process, I met with 8 different Attorneys. Shanner and Associates was the last firm that I met with and I wish they would have been the first because I would have saved a lot of time. When I called Shanner and Associates, I spoke with Sasha. I was unsure that I was making the right decision by filing bankruptcy, but when I met with Sasha and Toby in person they explained everything to me and helped me to realize I was making the right decision. From my first consultation all the way through my hearing with the Trustee, Shanner and Associates were always there for me and always willing to help or answer any questions that I had. It has been 6 months since I filed, and I am still able to contact them with any questions or concerns that I have regarding my bankruptcy. Between Sasha, Toby, and their Paralegal Tiffany, I had a wonderful experience doing business with Shanner Law and am happy that I chose to go with them!!!

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